MBA Instructors

Merit selects its MBA instructors carefully. They are experienced executives, well-regarded academics, and online teachers.

Every Merit Business School faculty member has a combination of academic expertise and real-world business knowledge. They are well traveled and encourage a diversity of opinion in the classroom. Most of all, our teachers love to teach management online and are enthusiastic about sharing their passion about business and entrepreneurship.

“I have been in education for over 20 years as an economics and business professor in a number of universities in the US and abroad. I also spent 6 years working in a major banking corporation in the US. While I enjoyed the security of a job and familiar surroundings and colleagues, the daily grind was wearing on me and I always felt the need to point out improvements or to go my own avenues in getting tasks accomplished.  

I have found that in order to be successful with a new business idea, one has to stick with what they know, first of all, and second, have passion for it. I cannot imagine spending long hours, day and night, developing a new business, if I didn’t believe in it or wasn’t ready to sacrifice time and effort to see it come through.

Merit Business School is a place for entrepreneurs because it was founded by entrepreneurs and the curriculum was designed by entrepreneurs who have passion for new ideas. Our faculty love the energy that comes with building something new and exciting. We can’t wait to hear your ideas or to help you develop your business.”

Dr Magdalena Cutler, Scottsdale, AZ
Merit Economics instructor and Director of Academic Affairs