Talented Students

Merit Business School is a diverse and dynamic community. More than 80% of our talented students are non-U.S., international residents. They take their MBA courses in English at times that are convenient for them and from the comfort of their homes or on the road.

Our students are located in countries such as the United States, Bulgaria, Canada, Australia, India, the Philippines, Japan, China, and Taiwan. These hard-working professionals are represented from all continents and come together to learn and share their experiences in the online classroom.

Our MBA applicants come from various academic and professional backgrounds. Peter Georgiou is a Merit student from Sydney, Australia. Peter works as a Senior Solutions Consultant for Drake International. Peter chose to enroll at Merit Business School to validate his professional experience and obtain a qualification reflecting this experience. 

Like other talented students at Merit, Peter has come to the MBA program with a goal in mind. He is hopeful that his MBA education, coupled with new contacts he may make through the program, will help him achieve his goal of creating his own hedge fund. 

His dream? He would like to move into financial services space and use data mining, algorithmic analysis, trading, and execution at high frequencies. Peter says a Merit online MBA will help him accomplish his goals.

Another MBA student, Hassan Raza, comes to Merit as a graduate of California State University. After spending 15 years in California, Hassan recently relocated to Toronto, Canada. 

When asked why he chose Merit, Hassan said, “I was looking for a university which was flexible with my needs and also fit within my budget and at the same time is not a degree mill. People behind the school are honest with vast experience in the education field”. 

Hassan is typical of Merit’s ambitious and talented students. They know the value of a quality MBA program and want to return to school to obtain a degree that will help them move up within their current organization. Hassan says he may wish to strike out on his own someday and operate his own franchise.  

What People Say About the Merit Online MBA

Here is what some other talented students are saying about the value of the Merit MBA: 

“For me, I truly love running business operations. Every job I have taken, I have worked up to a management position and earned every penny received. However, after fifteen years of working in the grind I realized that in order to be truly happy, you have to run your own business or be your own boss. I currently have a small side business, buying and selling cars – it’s only a one-man operation and maybe one day I can grow it into something bigger.”
J. R., Marietta, GA

“One day, I hope to have my own business and I already take small steps towards that. I already do book keeping and offer advice for a few businesses in my town. Also I run the web site development and upkeep for the hardware store where I work. Nothing major yet, but I can see the potential. My husband currently works in construction, but he thinks of new ideas for business ventures on a weekly basis. I am hoping to learn all I can and be successful doing something that I like.”
R., Phoenix, AZ

I have been in finance working for large U.S. banks over the last 8 years. I’m in transition now to my new job in a new bank – perhaps, with a better opportunity to grow. I look for a program that has real world applicability of all the things we learn. I have always dreamt of owning my own company and having financial freedom. This is why I am considering a degree with a concentration in entrepreneurship. It will give me that necessary tools needed to open my own business and prepare for some hard days ahead“
H. B., San Diego, CA

“Have you had that ‘light bulb’ moment when you suddenly say to yourself: ‘I want to go back to school.’ With 30 years of dedication to community in my work as a social worker, it is time for me to put my skills to use for something I have passion for. With my divorce behind me and two wonderful teenage sons and family supportive of me, I can return to school and pursue an MBA in entrepreneurship. My goal is to develop a non-profit organization to cater to the transitional needs of released prisoners and their families. I can’t wait to begin! “
S. W.

“I am very excited to be back in school. I want to open my own business, and my goal in the next few years is to have a complete business plan and line up the financing. I’m excited to take classes with so many people who are thinking of starting their own businesses, and faculty who have been business owners. I am sure we can all learn from each other and give each other advice and support. “
S. A., Okinawa, Japan

“I decided to go back to school so I could leverage myself in either moving up within my current organization or possibly owning my own event planning business. I enjoy planning parties and I love the creativity that goes into planning a wedding! I haven’t quite decided which avenue I would like to pursue more, but both are very fun and interesting! “
C. D., San Antonio, TX